Dansearena nord, i samarbeid med Arctic Theatre, inviterer til workshop i dansedramaturgi med tyske Thomas Schaupp. Workshoppen finner sted i Tromsø 7. - 9. september og det er max 20 plasser. Dansearena nord melder om det har blitt ledige plasser - Førstemann til mølla! -

In this intensive theory-practical workshop we are going to explore the relevance of dramaturgy for dance-related artistic processes: One focus will be to introduce different dramaturgical methods in looking at dance works and their conceptualisation and contextualisation. But we will also relate to relevant questions such as how to contextualize oneself as an artist/choreographer/dancer in the contemporary cultural environment and the “market”? How to be precise in articulating artistic intensions, for example to curators, to the audience, to the ones collaborating with you and so on.

The workshop starts Thursday September 7th , seeing the premiere of Frosne Sanger by Ina Christel Johannessen at The Arctic Theater. Les mer