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Compagnia Opus Ballet (Italia) Otello

Opus Ballet Company is a vibrant company composed of a permanent nucleus of young professional dancers directed by Rosanna Brocanello.

The company evolves from the roots of modern dance in contemporary times and features multiple techniques and styles through a group of extraordinary choreo- graphers and dancers flexibility to limitless renewal open to experimentation.


But perhaps the most famous. Jealousy, possession turning pathological so that men claim the right to inflict death on their women, their victims.

So Desdemona, strong in that love to which she has dedicated herself, becomes the stage sacrificial victim and symbol of deliverance for other women who, united, find energy and strength enough both to retaliate and to hold their heads up high and look to the future.

Past and present interweave, vibrate and recall us from Shakespeare’s lines to the present day and all the dramatic brutality of current events: Othello and Desdemona; certainly not history’s first “femini-cide”

Arianna Benedetti, Koreograf

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