Foto: Alfredo Barsuglia

Praxisfestivalen Visning av Origins - the workshop

Velkommen til visning av ORIGINS - THE WORKSHOP av og med Oleg Soulimenko, Helene Duckert og deltagerne!

Om visninga:
Something develops, something seems to come to existence. Small narrations, concrete and fragmentary, surreal or well known, develop and branch, take unexpectedturns. A concentration on the wild, the abstract, the not easy to grasp of the origins of narrations. There are objects of very different kind – from familiar daily things to in their function difficult to recognize discipline-specific ones to abstract ones – which create other worlds. There are performers or creators who are partly visible and operate with these objects to create and re-create something for the future and for the past. How is it to have another skin, another layer of something, added to the physical body?

The showing is a result of a five day long workshop working with objects, costumes and dramaturgy.

Helene Duckert, Kunstnerisk ansvarlig
Oleg Soulimenko, Kunstnerisk ansvarlig

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