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Kyuja Bae I dance You

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Welcome to I dance You the Graduation Performance for the Master's Degree in Choreography by Kyuja Bae

I dance You.

As the way,
how Sami people Joik someone, something or somewhere that they care for,
I dance You.

When I say,
I dance You,
it doesn't mean that I dance about You.

I dance You the way,
how I feel You
sense the energy between us.

I dance You,
as if I look in a mirror with the eye of my soul,
seeing me as you in my way,
seeing you as me in your way,
while I am aware of the humanness in us with unique individuality.

I dance You.

What happens, if we take dance art as a spiritual practice, treating the whole process and the performance as an imaginary ritual? The exploration of spirituality in dance art that is expressed in contemporary aesthetic, sets and uses is the theme of this project.

Kyuja Bae, Koreograf, Danser, Scenografi
Lin Van Kaam, Danser
Natanya Helena Kjølås, Danser
Vivian Pakkanen, Danser
Simen Korsmo Robertsen, Danser, Musikk
Agnethe Tellefsen, Lys
Mingxuan Tan, Kermamikk
Gina Gundersen, Kostymer
Natalia Korotkova, Scenografi, Kostymer

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