Foto: Sara Anke

Ingrid Berger Myhre Lasse Passage Panflutes and Paperwork

Panflutes and Paperwork is a collaboration between choreographer Ingrid Berger Myhre and composer Lasse Passage Nøsted. Myhre and Passage has worked together on several projects since 2015 and have over time developed a critical dialogue around what ”creating music for dance” or ”dancing to music” is expected to be. The duet playfully problematizes the conventional relationship between dance and music by challenging the standardised idea of they each have to live up to and what they together can produce. In their quest for assimilation without compromise, the work makes use of scores as a tool to define and prioritise collective structure above individual skills.

“When the form is in place, everything within it can be pure feeling” - A. Schöenberg

The title alludes to the contrast between the dry and the “wet”: Panflutes, on the one hand suggests the playful, sensational and passionate. Paperwork on the other refers to notation, the formal and bureaucratic. The performance will explore the conversion between these two peripheries in what will offer a new take on old conventions regarding the infamous choreographer-composer-constellation. Myhre and Passage both work with a lighthearted approach to composition and share affinities in regards to subtle humour. Panflutes and Paperwork is in many ways their formalistic approach to expressivity.

Funded by Arts Council Norway
Co-production Dansateliers Rotterdam (NL), Black Box Teater (NO), CSC Bassano Del Grappa (IT), WP Zimmer (BE) Supported by P.A.R.T.S. (BE), Rimi/Imir Senter for Scenekunst (NO) Moving Futures Festival (NL). 

Ingrid Berger Myhre, Konsept, Koreograf, Musikk, Utøver
Lasse Passage, Konsept, Musikk, Utøver
Edwin van Steenbergen, Lys
Merel Heering, Ytre øye
Alex Zakkas, Scenografi, Ytre øye

16.11.2018 Dansateliers Rotterdam  Work in progress
17.11.2018 Dansateliers Rotterdam  Work in progress
20.02.20191930 Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam  
07.03.20191900 Black Box Teater, OsloKlikk på sted  
08.03.20191900 Black Box Teater, OsloKlikk på sted  
12.03.20192000 Theater Kikker, Utrecht  
17.03.20192000 Grand Theatre, Groningen  
06.04.20192000 Podium Bloos, Breda  
03.05.20192030 Korzo Theatre, Den Haag  
09.05.20192000 De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg  
16.05.20192000 LUX, Nijmegen  
25.05.20192000 Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam  
26.06.20191930 Akset, Inderøy  
17.09.20192030 Rosendal Teater, TrondheimKlikk på sted  
20.09.20191900 Rimi/Imir Scenekunst (RISK), Stavanger  
21.09.20191900 Rimi/Imir Scenekunst (RISK), Stavanger  
23.01.20201900 Španski borci, Ljubljana  
31.01.20201900 BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen  Vises på USF
01.02.20201900 BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen  Vises på USF
07.03.20201900 brut, Wien  
08.03.20201900 brut, Wien  
14.03.20201900 Rosendal Teater, Trondheim  AVLYST
25.04.20201614 Spring Forward Festival, Rijeka  Vises på nett, se over
08.05.20201900 Moving Colours, Athen  AVLYST
10.06.2020 Tanec Praha  AVLYST
22.08.2020  B-Motion Festival, Bassano del Grappa  AVLYST
10.09.20201930 Dansstationen, Malmö  
11.09.20202000 Dansehallerne, København  
12.09.20202000 Dansehallerne, København  
19.09.2020TBA  Cultural Station Eđšeg, Novi Sad  
24.09.20201500 Les Plateaux, La Briquetterie, Paris  
24.09.20201830 Les Plateaux, La Briquetterie, Paris  
26.09.20201200 ITAK, Kuopio  
19.10.20201900 Dampsaga kulturhus, Steinkjer  
21.10.20201900 Rosendal Teater, Trondheim  
22.10.20201900 Rosendal Teater, Trondheim  
06.11.20201930 Arktisk kultursenter, Hammerfest  
15.11.20201900 Storstuggu, Røros  
09.12.20201930 RAS, Sandnes  
10.12.20201930 RAS, Sandnes