Findlay/Sandsmark Drop on Down, Florida – Lowlands

For Oktoberdans, the artists in Findlay//Sandsmark and their collaborators will construct an open work room/ process salon around their new project Drop on Down, Florida – Lowlands.  In a loose and informal setting, they will set up and share parts from their new project, as well as invite contributing artists to share kernels from their own work in the manner of concerts, talks, readings, and listenings, etc.

The project Drop on Down, Florida – Lowlands explores and meditates over memory and homelands through the prism of a research trip to Daytona Beach, Florida, where Iver grew up form ages 1 to 17.

‘Daytona Beach Forever!’

Iver Findlay, Konsept, Utøver
Marit Sandsmark, Konsept, Utøver
Guro Aae, Utøver
Chris Brokaw, Utøver
Bahar Temiz, Utøver
Brendan Dougherty, Musiker
Pål Asle Pettersen, Musikk, Musiker
Joey Truman, Musiker

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