Foto: Kristine Jakobsen & Marcelino Martin Valiente

Company B.Valiente The MUSIC’s space

The concept of the  M U S I C's  space is to create a long and unique movement that combining dance gesture and musical gesture to an extreme limit, in order to annihilate the boundaries between these different disciplines. The electronic and acoustic sounds embrace the space, that we all become a part of. The work of the Greek composer Iannis Xenakis is the major source of inspiration for the piece. He is known to have released his music from all the conventions of his time and to have explored musical principles based on mathematical, architectural and physical contingencies.

Co-production: Bærum Culture House/Stage for Dance in Norway
Residency: Bærum Culture House/Stage for Dance in Norway and Oslo Culture House
Supported by: Norwegian Art Council/Production, Norwegian Art Council/touring dancers, Norwegian Art Council/touring musicians,
Fund for Performing Artist/production and touring, Ministry of Foreign Affair/Performing Arts Hub Norway,
The Norwegian Embassy in France/touring.

Gunhild Bjørnsgaard, Koreograf, Lysdesign
Antero Hein, Danser
Erikk McKenzie, Musiker, Danser
Sara Øvinge, Utøver, Musiker
Bendik Hovik Kjelsberg, Komponist
Marcelino Martin Valiente, Lysdesign, Dramaturg, Kunstnerisk rådgiver

08.04.20161900 Bærum kulturhus, Sandvika  Klikk på sted
09.04.20161900 Bærum kulturhus, Sandvika  Klikk på sted
09.04.20192030 La Grainerie, Toulouse  
10.04.20192030 La Grainerie, Toulouse