The Baltic Opera i Gdansk (Poland) søker koreografer fra Norge, Island eller Liechtenstein til en ny ballettpremiere på Baltic Opera i Gdańsk. Prosjektet er et samarbeid med Baltic Opera Ballet Company og vil foregå i perioden juli 2020 – juli 2022.

A new ballet premiere at the Baltic Opera in Gdańsk will be created by a CHOREOGRAPHER based in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, who will work with the Baltic Opera Ballet Company.

We would like to expand our AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT methods by working with experts from Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. Parallel to the process of the production, the experts will work with our communication and audience departments to introduce a dedicated strategy based on prior audience research. A case study will then be created together and shared on an international conference held in Gdańsk.

A professional choreographer (available for work in 2021). Professional audience development agencies. Audience development associations and umbrella organizations. Other opera and ballet companies experienced in audience development. Individual audience development advisors, researchers and experts.

Choreographer: Experience with working on professional, large-scale ballet productions, also internationally. Audience development partners: Ability to introduce a complex strategy: research, creation, implementation and evaluation. Highly experienced in this field, also internationally.

Choreographer: Artistic and professional development by working with a well established, international ballet company on a production at the Baltic Opera in Gdansk. Audience development partners: A chance to work on an audience development project in Poland. Adapting methods used in the home country in a foreign environment. Participation in an international conference held in Gdańsk.

Contact us: Łukasz Dobrowolski (Project Manager) +48 502 756 962