Oslo Butohlaboratorium arrangerer en workshop i butohdans med mesteren Daisuke Yoshimoto som kommer til Oslo 19. - 20. august. Workshoppen finner sted på Trafo i Oslo kl 1100 - 1700 begge dager. Early bird-tilbud til 10. juli


Sted: Trafo, Hovinveien 1, Oslo
Pris: 1500 kr for begge dager/ 800 kr for en dag
Early bird-pris: 1200 før 10. juli
Info og påmelding butohlab@outlook.com

Daisuke"Daisuke Yoshimoto's workshop is a unique opportunity to gain new experience in the technique of improvisation and stage presence. Daisuke guides the participants through discovering the information hidden in the cellular memory and the organic movements of the body. By placing objects on the participants bodies such as a broom in their hands, a piece of paper in their mouth, a new architecture for the body is created so that the spirit can enter. As such, classes with Daisuke Yoshimoto are not only an introduction to Butoh but also a thrilling lesson of “Butoh theatre” and creative transcending of one’s boundaries. The workshop ends with a common improvisation.

After having worked as Kazuo Ohno´s stage manage...r in the beginning of the 1980s, Daisuke started elaborating his own unique Butoh language exploring subjects such as the grotesque, and the process of dying. He has since toured extensively in Europe, Asia, the United States and South America for over four decades. His signature work Eros & Tanatos has been showed at the Grotowksi Institute in Wroclaw, Poland; the Atalya TNT Theatre in Seville, Spain; the New York Butoh Festival; Grusomhetens Teater, Oslo; and at Die Pratze and the Sogetsu Hall in Tokyo among others.

We feel very privileged to welcome him to Oslo in August.

Friday the 18th we will organize an open film screening of Butoh films: Place to be confirmed.

This workshop is organised in collaboration with butoh-photographer and film maker Karolina Bieszczad-Roley."